The Kait-a-Rita


(Makes one serving)

  • 1 shot (or more, we won't tell!) of your favorite tequila (we used Patrón)
  • 1/4 of a cup of Kreation Juice's "Destress" juice
  • Dash of simple syrup
  • Lime La Croix (to taste) + water, if needed
  • Lime wedge

Start with a glass of ice.  (You can also get fancy and salt the rim of your glass).  Measure out (or not) the tequila into the glass.  Next, pour in your juice & simple syrup and give it a stir.  Then add some La Croix and/or water and give it a taste, based on your "strong'" preference.  Finish with a fresh squeeze of lime juice and add it as garnish on the side of your glass!

Note:  You do not have to use a juice by Kreation, of course.  Replace it with your favorite juice!  I recommend finding one that's cold pressed, as this process allows for all of the nutrients to stay put.  Might as well get something out of your tequila besides a good time :)